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Physics Parody Project: Launching...


The Physics Chanteuse to Performs at the 2012 USA Science & Engineering Festival!

The Physics Chanteuse Performance Schedule: TBA Here.


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Science Parody Songs on CD!

Parody Violation features the complete collection of physics parody songs written and performed by The Physics Chanteuse! Buy it now!

Solid State of of Mind, a song from the CD is featured in Physics Today!


Physics, Sex and Politics:

Physics Institute of Physics
Kerry Parker talks to Lynda Williams,
the Physics Chanteuse

We need to evolve out of our addiction to power, explosions and weapons. Physicists - just say NO to Star Wars!

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Space Ecology
Space Debris? ASAT Tests? Weapons & War in Space?
Humans are trashing space! Read all about the Final Frontier of Environmentalism
in Natural Living Magazine (pdf)! by Lynda Williams.

Irrational Dreams of Space Colonization, published in Peace Review, a Journal of Social Justice, 22.1, Spring 2010 **********************************************************************