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Cosmic Cabaret is a multimedia musical show on science, technology and the Universe led by physicist and chanteuse Lynda Williams. The songs and media clips on this CD are some of the 'greatest hits' from 5 years of Cosmic Cabarets and performances by Lynda Williams as The Physics Chanteuse. The CD features 14 songs, over a dozen media clips, lyrics, press, photos and more! Songs can be played in a regular music CD player and media/data files can be accessed via a computer CDROM drive (both PC and MAC). All songs and media were created and produced by Lynda Williams in her home digital studio.
    Play List
  • Quantum Jump
  • Big Bang
  • Freaky Wave
  • Quark Sing-a-long Song
  • Love Boson
  • SETI@Home
  • Player
  • Annie Jump Cannon
  • Solar Boys Club: A History of the Heliocentric Model
  • The Sun Song
    On the CDROM
  • Carbon is a Girls Best Friend
  • Hi Tek Grl
  • Supersymmetry
  • Solid State of Mind
  • Movies, picutes and more!

CDs can be purchased online at the Science Entertainment Shop!

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The first Cosmic Cabaret was a solo multi-media musical on the Big Bang written and performed by Lynda in 1995 at the ClimateTheater, San Francisco. In 1997, Lynda created the Physics Chanteuse and has since performed custom cabarets for scientists around the world. In 1998, Lynda wrote a Cosmic Cabaret for a general audience and performed it at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles. During 1998-1999 Lynda produced and hosted 5 Cosmic Cabarets at the San Francisco State University Planetarium. These cabarets featured guest science entertainers such as Joel Martin Kohn, Dr. Carl Winter, The Bungee Jumping Cows and Ordinary Insect. Lynda and her Cosmic Cabarets have attracted a flurry of media attention from the New York Times, the LA Times, Good Morning America, NPR's To the Best of our Knowledge and Physics Today, to name a few. According to People Magazine, "Williams puts the fizz back in physics."

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