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Science Karaoke
by Lynda Williams
The Physics Chanteuse
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Let's Make Science Karaoke!

It is easy to make simple sing-along science 'karaoke' presentations that are FUN to use in class, at parties and events or for whatever your singing science heart desires. Here I will give a basic tutorial on how to make Science Karaoke with PowerPoint.

Why Science Karaoke?

I use Science Karaoke in my classes for group sing-along, on websites for private sing-along, as homework projects, and in my Physics Chanteuse Shows and Science Rave outreach programs. Science Karaoke is a very effective mnemonic device for memorizing terms. For visual and audible learners, like myself, seeing and hearing and singing the words of science helps me to remember them. Most of us learned our alphabet by singing the letters. Science Karoke may not make doing physics fun, but it sure can make learning and teaching physics more fun. HAVE FUN!

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