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Playing your Science Karaoke

To play the karaoke for an audience you can hook your computer to a projector and run it as you would any other PowerPoint presentation. If your computer has a video output like mine does, you can dump the presentation to video tape and then play the tape with a projector, TV or monitor. Video is my preferred medium since computers are not always reliable and I can control the song better manually, as described above.

If you want to put your Science Karaoke on a webpage for others to play in real time online, you have to convert it to another file format. PowerPoint presentations can be converted to webpages but not with the timings and music. The simplest way to put Karaoke on the web is to put lyrics up with a midi file playing, as does the Biology Karaoke website. You can also just put the PowerPoint file on your webpage to be downloaded. Beware, these files tend to be HUGE. The Sunshine PowerPoint was 10 MB! You can compress files with a shareware zip utility such as WinZip, as I did here, which shaved only 1 MB off the file.

Download: Why Does The Sun Shine? Science PowerPoint Karaoke! (9 MB! )

A few words about this PowerPoint Science Karaoke:
0. It is a windows MS OFFICE 97 PowerPoint Presentation.
1. It doesn't include timings. You can add the timings if you like.
2. There are several speaking parts in the song that I did not include lyrics for because the talking is too fast. Rather I have a few slides with no lyrics during the talking. Watch the real media version (below) to see how I timed it.
3. Please feel free to use it as you like. If you improve it, let me know!
4. I have not included any copyrights or credits for images or the music so please respectfully follow the Fair Use Doctrine.

Real Media Karaoke

For a karaoke to play on a webpage in realtime you need a movie, animation or real media file. You can make those in programs such as Flash, Director and Adobe Premiere. I create slides in PowerPoint, save them as gif images and import them into Premiere to create a movie. I then convert the movie to a real media file using Real Producer which can be streamed in real time online. It is a lot more work and maybe the topic of a future tutorial. Here is a real media version of the Sunshine Karaoke. It will stream in real time (it may stop and go depending on your connection.) The resolution of the real media file is low but, that's the trade off. The original avi movie was 250 MB!

Why Does the Sun Shine Real Media Karaoke!

Here are some other Science Karaokes I have produced. Enjoy!

I hope you have found this useful! Please send me ideas, corrections and links to your Science Karaokes!!! I'll add them on the Karaoke Resource page! Also, coming soon: and my new CD and video of Conceptual Physics Karaokes! Join my email list for updates!



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