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The Physics Chanteuse
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"Every scientist dreams of seducing people with the beauty and wonder of the natural world. But few take it as far as Lynda Williams - the Physics Chanteuse - who puts her microphone where her mouth is." - K.C. Cole, LA Times
The Physics Chanteuse is a cabaret-style musical act produced and performed by physicist and chanteuse Lynda Williams for scientists at conferences and meetings.

For each performance Ms. Williams researches the scientific topic and writes custom songs and repartee which are usually performed at the event's banquet. She has performed for scientists all over the world and has been featured in the NY Times, People Magazine and Good Morning America.

Ms. Williams also performs her musical science shows for the general public in Cosmic Cabaret, and for teens in schools in Science Rave.

The 'greatest hits' of the Physics Chanteuse are now available in her CD, Cosmic Cabaret which can be sampled and purchased at the Scientainment Shop.