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The Physics Chanteuse featured in Science Magazine!

By day, Lynda Williams teaches physics at Santa Rosa Junior College in California.On weekends, audiences laugh at Carbon Is a Girl ís Best Friendand other technology songs she writes and performs as The Physics Chanteuse.

Read all about it in Science (pdf).
12 September 2008, Vol 321, Issue 5895, Pages 1401-1588


The Physics Chanteuse Rocks in Symmetry Magazine

"I can prove science is super-sexy," she says. "I donít mean pornographic; I mean titillating. Itís cool. Itís slick. String theory and high-energy particle physics is smart, sassy, sexy science and that is the kind of science cabaret I do."
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Q&A with The Physics Chanteuse!

By Marc Ramirez in the Seattle Times(pdf)!
A sampling:

Q: Were you the science-fair type in high school?

A: I was the high-school student who had the fake ID and was going out disco dancing. ... I had a telescope when I was a kid, and my girlfriends and I were super smart, but no one guided us because we were so rebellious. We didn't know what science was about; we had no idea it was asking interesting questions about the meaning of life.


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