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Parody Violation(2005) is the complete collection of parody songs written and peformed by Lynda Williams as The Physics Chanteuse. Each song was written for a different physics conference or meeting with a different physics topic. The CD is both an audio and a data CD. Lyrics in pdf format are on the data portion of the CD and also listed here for your enjoyment!
    Play List & Lyrics
  • Kip Warp: An adaptation of Time Warp from the Rocky Horror Picture show, written for the Kip Fest: A symposium honoring Kip Thorne's 60th Birthday, June 3, 2000, at CALTECH.

  • Carbon is a Girl’s Best Friend: An adaptation of Diamond's are a Girl's Best Friend written for the 44th Annual Midwest Solid State Conference at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1996.

  • Solid State of Mind: An adaptation of Billy Joel's New York State of Mind written for the IEEE conference on Compound Semiconductors, 1997.

  • Black Hole Bird:An adaptation of the Beatles's Black Bird written for the Kip Fest. The song features gravitational 'chirps' - acoustic representations of gravity waves during a binary inspiral, produced by Dr. Scott Hughes.

  • High Tech Girl: An adaptation of Madonna's Material Girl written for the 1997 United States Particle Association School (USPAS).

  • S’Wonderful Supersymmetry:A rendition of the George Gershwin classic written for USPAS, 1997.

  • Gravity Wave Vibrations: A rendition of the Beach Boys' Good Vibrations written for the Richard Price Festival, 2003.

  • Genie in a Bottle:An adaptation of Christina Aguellara's Genie in a Bottle written for the 13th IEEE International Pulsed Power Conference in Las Vegas, 2001.

  • War in Heaven:An adaptation of the George Gershwin's Cheek to Cheek written for the Symposium 2001: Highlighting Student and Postdoctoral Research, Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  • The Wave Equation:A sing-along song deriving the wave equation from Maxwell's Equations (in gaussian units) sung to the Tune of Madonna's Ray of Light.

  • Mein SM:An adaptation of Mein Herr from Cabaret, written for the 1997 Particle Accelerator Conference, PAC 97, in Vancouver, Canada.

  • Wave Front Sensing:An adaptation of the Beach Boys Surf'n USA written for the KOA Wave Front Sensing and Controls 2000 Conference, Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

  • Einstein’s Angels:A parody of the 70's TV show.


Science Entertainment: Cosmic Cabaret

Cosmic Cabaret

Cosmic Cabaret is a multimedia musical show on science, technology and the Universe led by physicist and chanteuse LyndaWilliams. The songs and media clips on this CD are some of the 'greatest hits' from 5 years of Cosmic Cabarets and performances by Lynda Williams as The Physics Chanteuse. The CD features 14 songs, over a dozen media clips, lyrics, press, photos and more! Songs can be played in a regular music CD player and media/data files can be accessed via a computer CDROM drive (both PC and MAC).
    Play List
  • Quantum Jump
  • Big Bang
  • Freaky Wave
  • Quark Sing-a-long Song
  • Love Boson
  • SETI@Home
  • Player
  • Annie Jump Cannon
  • Solar Boys Club: A History of the Heliocentric Model
  • The Sun Song
    On the CDROM
  • Carbon is a Girls Best Friend
  • Hi Tek Grl
  • Supersymmetry
  • Solid State of Mind
  • Movies, picutes and more!

The CD can be sampled online for free!


Maxwell's Equations CD

Maxwell's Equations

Maxwell's Equations
, is a karaoke-style sing-a-long of the four famous equations of electricity and magnetism. Written, produced and performed by Lynda Williams, The Physics Chanteuse, the enhanced CD includes 9 songs, power point presentation and real media movies and the lyrics so you can sing-a-long in class or at your computer! Perfect for a graduate level or advanced undergraduate physics and astronomy courses and students. Use it as a teaching aid in class! Practice for exams while you sing-a-long! While you work out! While you drive to work!

Maxwell's Equations are 4 mathematical equations that relate the electric field and magnetic field to charge and current densities. The equations specify the fields that give rise to electromagnetic radiation - light. The lessons are sing-a-long, "call and response" Karaoke-style songs with visual images of the equations. The four lessons derive Gauss' Laws for electricity and magnetism, Faraday's Law and Ampere's law in these different situations:

1. Maxwell's Equations with sources in free space

2. Maxwell's Equations in Macroscopic media

3. Maxwell's Equations in Vacuum

4. A Sing-a-long Test!

5. Derivation of the Wave Equation of Light

The content is based on the text Classical Electrodynamics by J.D. Jackson and the songs are sung in Gaussian units.

Sample the CD free online! Available now on DVD!


Songs of Science CD

Music to Rock Your Students By!

The songs from Beth's Rock Collection combine science lessons with "hip" music. The music makes science more enjoyable and the lyrics find a permanent home in students' brains. Beth Cook, a school teacher in Blue Springs, MO, finds that the music engages both right-brained creative learners and unmotivated, difficult to reach students. The ten songs include topics about rocks, the periodic table, the environment, astronomy, the metric system, number estimation, and the water cycle. In their July 25, 1999 issue, Star Magazine writes, "Beth's Rock collection is a gem, a CD that students, parents and teachers can all enjoy." Ken Dillon, station manager of KLRQ-96 FM, says, "I love the music." Becky Craig, 9th grade student, says, "Ms. Cook makes it fun by teaching us a new song each time we start a unit. Everyone has the song stuck in their head and is singing it in the locker room, the hall and even at sport practices! When tests are given out, you can hear the mumbling of lyrics and humming of the song." We couldn't have said it any better ourselves! You will love it!


Science Entertainment: No Space Wars!t


No Space Wars, Songs for Peace in Space is a collection of songs and warning cries about current plans to put weapons in space. All proceeds from the CD benefit the international group, the Global Network to Stop Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, (GN). The featured artists have generously donated the use of their songs for this benefit CD to support GN's work to spread the message with music and love to KEEP SPACE FOR PEACE!

In addition to the songs on the music portion of this CD, there is an informative interview with Bruce Gagnon, director of the GN. The CD includes a CDROM portion ( MAC & PC compatible) with many resources including printable lyrics and documents (petitions, letters, posters) to assist you in organizing and taking action to end the militarization of space. May these songs and words inspire peace and love on Earth and in Space! More info on the CD


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